Web Design

I've been a web designer since 1998. I started by using free sites and services such as Expage, Brinkster, Geocities, and so forth. Eventually my knowledge of coding and design grew and I obtained my own personal domain (www.itsadoozy.com) around 2000-2001. Since then I have created various layouts on and off; while I've been busy with school, some of my graphical ability has declined and I tend to focus more on coding (HTML and CSS especially). I began coding by using notepad and a free FTP program, but now I prefer using Dreamweaver (I still use a free FTP program). I have experience using Windows PCs as well as Macs and I often try to make sure layouts are cross-browser compatible. Some samples of my work can be found below.

Take note that these sites are dead, so any forms or outside links within may also be expired; these samples are to display coding and graphic ability. Feel free to view source on any of my web documents to see the coding. These samples will open in a new tab or window, to return please close that corresponding tab or window.

Site Skinning (Multiple Skins/Themes) | MMO (Guild) Gaming Site

Current Projects:

If interested in knowing more, please send an inquiry to one of my e-mails listed below.


  • Graduated: May 2011
  • School: UTC
  • Major: English: Writing
  • Minor: Art History
  • Work: Currently working a contract position as Technical Publications Analyst


Available upon request.


Other contact information can be found on my résumé.